Sponsorship for brands

Our team can provide outstanding and professional influencer marketing campaigns for your brand. We are specialized for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitch platforms with many years of experience. Star Network is a full service Influencer Marketing Agency,  which means our customers and partners can count on us from the creation of the strategy through the management of the campaign to the reporting.

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Our services:

Planning and conducting

We can help you plan long-term strategies or ad hoc campaigns, find the right opinion leaders at home or abroad. From creative concept to content production, project management and reporting, we provide a full service to ensure your brand messages reach your target audience with the most credible opinion leaders.

Influencer agency tasks

If you want to measure the success of your influencer campaigns, if you don't just think in terms of ad-hoc solutions, but imagine your long-term cooperation with opinion leaders as a real strategy, concentrate them in one expert hand, entrust them to our team with years of professional experience

Video production

The world's largest video sharing site, second most popular search engine. Young adults now spend more time on it than in front of the TV - do you have your own YouTube channel? We can set it up or fix it up, create a strategy for you, even produce content. Don't get left behind!

Event organizing

The most popular influencers are able to attract large crowds, so meeting them and sharing a photo with them at your event will attract young people, who you can reach with your brand, product or service.

Social platform management

If you need an agency to run your company's social media platforms, let us manage your YouTube, TikTok, Insta and Fb pages.

Social ad management

We are expertised for social media advertising which includes Google Ads, Fb ads, TikTok ads.