YouTube SEO

YouTube is second largest search engine right after Google, and most Youtube videos’ views come either from subscribers or from SEO. Therefore it is vital to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO in order to maximize your views and turn more viewers into subscribers. Here we will give you some tips on how to actually do that:

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Create great titles for your video! – Put around 4-5 words with your main keyword and name into your title that clearly describes the content for search engines but also for viewers. Remember, you optimize for people not for robots!

Write many and relevant keywords for your video and channel! – Create list from the most relevant till the general ones. For example, for a Mortal Kombat X gameplay video, write first “Mortal Kombat X gameplay video” and in the end write only “Mortal Kombat” and “gameplay”.

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Create awesome custom thumbnails! – Custom thumbnails help viewers indentify your channel and your video as well, thus it support brand recognition and increases click-through rate and your position in search too.

Write a great description for the videos and your channel! – The first 3 lines are visible for the viewers so in that part you should write a text that tells them what you or the video is about. The rest of the text can be more optimized for search engines.

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