Case study – Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda

In 2014, an effective and successful cooperation between Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda and Star Network has been established. In the form of this cooperation, the team of Star Network had been given the task to create the group’s channel and develop it into a channel with long-term success.
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  1. Build brand awareness through the usage of social media benefits
  2. Promotion of the show of the group with the help of the channel as a marketing communications tool
  3. Monetize and earn money from the uploaded videos


During the creation of the channel, Star Network’s task was to upload the videos made by Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda, make the necessary channel and video settings, make use of the promotional tools supplied by YouTube and claim any third-party content owned by the group.


The channel has become very successful and with a large community for Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda. The methods discussed in the approach section resulted in:

  • Gaining 50 000 subscribers in 7 month,
  • Gaining 4 million views in the same timeframe, currently having 750 000 monthly views
  • The videos possess average audience retention of 71%, which is an outstanding achievement.
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