Standard YouTube advertisement

Standard YouTube advertisement

On YouTube you have the chance to run video, image and text ads separately or combined. Why is it beneficial to advertise on YouTube?

  • Great targeting options – Based on age, gender, interest, topic and concrete URL you can specify who you want to reach.
  • Cost effectiveness – YouTube videos ads are currently one of the cheapest advertising form on the internet. You can reach customers even for 3 HUF (0,01 USD).
  • Few use it – With videos ads, you can stand out from your competitors, be the first and best in advertising on YouTube!

Advertising types

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Below we will introduce the standard advertising types available on YouTube.

For advertisers, two types of video ad formats are available:

In-Stream TrueView video ad

The In-Stream is most effective promotional tool on YouTube. In this case video ads before (mid and after) the video itself are displayed, which user can skip after watching the first 5 seconds. Below you can see an example for Pre-Roll video ad:

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Previously ads could run only before the video but now in the case of videos longer than 10 minutes, ads can be displayed in-between (Mid-Roll) and after (Post-Roll) the video.

Advertisers need only to pay if the user watches the entire ad, clicks on it, or in case of ads longer than 30 seconds, watches longer at least 30 seconds of the ad, or clicks on it. The payment is based on CPV (cost-per-view):

In-Search TrueView video ads

These type of YouTube ads appear on Search page of YouTube and on the Watch page next to the video itself. In this case advertiser only need to pay if viewers click on the advertisement. Below iis an example where you can see how your ad would appear in the Search page of YouTube:

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YouTube is an important member of the Google AdWords Display Network, thus such banners can appear on it, which are created in the size formats, YouTube accepts. Image ads run on YouTube Watch pages, the advertiser has to pay if viewers click on the ad. Below you can see the accepted size formats for image ads.

300×250 pixel sized banner

The 300×250 pixel sized banners are found right next to the videos. They can either static or animated. Based on our experience, this is the most effective type of banner because it is always visible for viewers. Below is an example for that:

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468×60 pixel sized banner

The 468×60 pixel sized banners appear directly on the displayed videos on the bottom. Viewers will definitely notice it but they have the option to turn it off. Advertisers have to pay based on clicks and not impressions.  The image above shows this type of ad too.

The most common ad type on YouTube is the so called Overlay, text ads. They can also be created and managed in the campaigns of Google AdWords Display Network, and advertisers pay after clicks. These ads appear on the videos, just like the picture below shows:

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