Case study – Mastercard

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The 2017 buzzword in marketing undisputedly was the „influencer”. Most of the brands recognised it and happily work together with opinion leaders, already planning for a long term. More and more creative formats are born, the campaigns became more and more complex. The influencer marketing gives space for out of the box ideas as far as the brand is open for it too. A great example for this is one of the most innovative campaigns of the year 2017, which was realised by Mastercard in collaboration with Star Network and Crane. The motto of this campaign was: „Involve and let them be free”

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  1. Education of credit card users: To pay with card in a festival is much more beneficial in every aspect

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The campaign was scheduled for the festival season: from June to August. During this time we realized 2 festival presences. 4 influencers participated in the campaign, who have very different types of personality.They visited the Balaton Sound and Sziget festivals in pairs. The mechanism was groundbreaking, because they produced daily content at the festival, edited the same night, and published to their channel the next day, just before the next day’s festival challenge. That meant 4 videos per influencer in all, the content was their usual festival content with some guided content elements.

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All of the vloggers had daily individual or team tasks which they had to fulfill (e.g.: find friends for giant plush memes), and all the tasks had some credit card payment elements. The vloggers got points after the fulfilled tasks, and the winner got the prize in the end (the influencer RoyalSzabi got an airplane ride to home from Balaton Sound).
Mastercard could appear in the videos in many levels: in the general content production (how is the food selection at Sziget this year – show the payment by card), as a mai sponsor of the events and also in solving the tasks. The influencers were involved and satisfied, because they had the freedom and the opportunity to solve their daily tasks in accordance with their style, and also had time to vlog about other topics at the festival.

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At the end of the campaign, 16 videos brought more than 1,230,000 organic views, and 22 Instagram posts received more than 238,000 likes. Customization of tasks and the result of freely interpreted content production led fans to love the series format and the competition, resulting in almost no negative comments.

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